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December 15 2014

Follow us on Twitter (@MadCheddarYo) for all of our updates to the program.
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Pay Per Join Has Arrived
September 5 2014

We are now offering Pay Per Join to established affiliates. If you have been an active affiliate with the program for over 90 days, please contact us to see if your account qualifies!
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Epoch Rebill Transaction Import Completed & Fixed
July 9 2014

Dear Affiliates,

TooMuchMedia has just completed work on our servers that allowed for the import of about half the rebills in the system.

You will see these post today, July 9, rather than the original date on which they occurred.

Going forward this issue has been resolved for all Epoch transactions.

Best Regards,
Mad Cheddar Support
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300x250 Animated GIFs Added!
June 12 2014


We've just added over 40 new animated GIF creatives (300x250) to the Affiliate area. These work great next to video players or on footers. Please check the file size and make sure they fit with your user base (e.g. desktop vs. mobile) before posting however, we have tried to keep the file sizes vs. quality as optimal as possible.

Hit us up with any requests for modifications, support@madcheddar.com!

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Welcome to the Beta Launch!
May 29 2014

Thanks for signing up to the program! Over the next two weeks or so we expect lots of changes to the site and program. That being said, please excuse some of the obvious items still on the list including creatives, content zips, hosted galleries, etc.

So far we are off to a great start with Blacked.com, we are seeing enthusiastic customers, great retention and extremely strong conversion ratios, not seen in a long time.

Please hit us up using the support form or @ support -AT- madcheddar -DOT- com to begin a conversation, we will try to respond ASAP!
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